Automation & control


control is everything

In industry and in the oil and gas sectors, automated control systems ensure the right things happen at the right time, and it's vital to have the right partner to create the perfect control systems that you need. We integrate your control systems and ensure that they work to exceptionally tight tolerances so that your facility runs smoothly.

We offer expert knowledge in:

  • Programmable logic controllers
  • Remote terminal units
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition architectures
  • Anything else related to automation

As a result, we can offer a full host of automation technologies that enable tight integration between what happens inside the actual plant and the rest of the company so that remote monitoring is possible and accurate data is received as often as you need it — even in real-time.

Industrial sensors ensure maximum reliability and flexibility, and industrial control products produce predictable performance so that your machines deliver the power you need on demand. Intelligent control devices produce smart decisions so that each component reacts to the changing conditions around it, whether it's an on demand gas power station or a complex oil refinery that cracks long-chain alkanes to produce lighter products.

No matter what your automation strategy is, we can provide the components and systems you need to get there. Talk to one of our experts today to see what we can offer you.