structural & geothechnical monitoring

"Words may move mountains, but engineers do the calculations"

For any project, you require accurate data, and structural and geotechnical monitoring systems help you obtain that data. Consequently, structural and geotechnical monitoring systems have a vital part to play in any design that requires significant earth movement or tunneling. We offer a full range of solutions that use sensors and technology to ensure that structural integrity is retained and that whatever you're building, you know what's underneath and what's going on.

We offer:

  • Construction monitoring for large-scale projects
  • Asset monitoring across infrastructures
  • Instrumentation systems for monitoring
  • Data visualization to ensure data is clear
  • Support and maintenance across all these systems

No matter what your needs, we have the tools to support your project. We have significant experience with:

  • Foundations and excavations
  • Bridges, tunnels, roads and dams
  • Embankments and pipelines
  • Mines and landfills
  • Turbines, repositories and groundwater

Monitoring systems ensure that these projects are conducted in a safe and secure manner and that they continue to be safe and secure even after they're built. Maintenance then occurs when it's needed to ensure the structural integrity of these complex structures and substructures. Talk to us today to see what you we can offer you with our structural and geotechnical monitoring systems.